Compare Medicare advantage plans and choose the best

With a vast amount of money spent on the Medicare plans, it is important that you know how many types of Medicare plans are there and their sub divisions too so that you can compare them and choose whichever you think is best suited for you. There are two types of Medicare plans and they are namely, Medigap and Medicare advantage plan. Medicare advantage plan takes care of your original Medicare and much more and it is cheaper compared to the two. But there are parts to Medicare advantage plan which you should know about before choosing a plan for yourself by going to

  • Health maintenance organization plan or HMO is one of the plans that Medicare advantage plan offers which allows you to see doctors and visit hospitals under the network of the plan. If you decide to visit a doctor not under the network, then the plan may not cover your expenses.
  • Preferred provider organization plan or PPO pays all your expenses whether you choose a doctor form the network r outside the network but the catch is that you will have to pay higher premiums for this service.
  • Private fee-for-service plan or PFFs pays a very specific amount for the healthcare charges to your doctor and your doctor has to accept the amount even if that amount is less than the fee that he charges. If the doctor refuses to do so, your Medicare advantage plan will not cover the expenses through that doctor.
  • Special needs plan or SNP is the plan for those who are in special need as the name of the plan signifies. It is mostly for men or women who are living in nursing homes or people who suffer from chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS or diabetes etc.
  • Medical savings account plan or MSA s a plan where your expenses are deposited in an account from where you will have to pay for the expenses. The amount may vary according to the plan or may vary from plan to plan. The money is tax free as long as you use it in health care expenses.


It is important that you know all the Medicare advantage plans before settling down for one which might suit your fancy. Do compare and choose one that is the most profitable for you and within your budget.